Paris, 2017

[ telle quelle (french) – as isas she is ]

Bonjour. What I am here for? I always used to be in my own world, in my own reality. I used to live there and feel pretty comfortable. But now that world of mine does not fit within my consciousness and I want to share it with you.

My blog is focused on a Woman. The real one that lives next door to us. To a colleague. Mom. Sister. Daughter. The one who shares the secrets of her style. Which treats us with homemade cake, gives a sincere smile and inspires to love life. The Woman like you and me. As we are. Telles quelles. 

And there is a little thing that you should know about me: j’adore la France et la langue française (that’s why sometimes you may found french words in my blog et je présente mes excuses à l’avance).

Je suis comme je suis.

By Liliia Roslyk