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Cheap Xanax Online To avoid the meetings, not to answer numerous calls. But when a chance encounter happens, you try to escape as quickly as possible. Désagréable? Peut-être. Mais plus probablement, l’amour de ta vie.

Lorazepam Order Alprazolam To run away. Yes, to run away from your own feelings which comme les méchants catch you up again and again. That ‘running away’ trend of nowadays is popular as much as to be a vegan or a contemporary art lover. Adults which are not afraid to jump with a parachute over 20 times from a great height, Forbes list members, those severe and independent at first glance… everybody is amenable to this tendency. Paradoxically, we are all looking for love, crave it and desire it… but when your love is right in front of you, when she is talking loudly how she has spent her vacation giggling… you prefer to be très sarcastique, to grin, and to refer to ‘have a lot of work and it is already the time to go’ fact.

After all, someone once told that love hurts. And another one has experienced that. And now we all love ourselves so much and cherish our subtle emotional natures.  We turn on the defensive reaction when discover the slightest expression of feelings (even when not actually attacked by love). And we just do not believe in that. On the one hand – we love ourselves so much that keep the heart and soul behind the seven locks away from prying eyes. But on the other – we believe in ourselves si peu, that just cannot believe that we can be loved. Just to be loved without any reason. Therefore, when we are looked into the eyes – we look away and are looking for an excuse to get away as quickly as possible. We meet sincere person, but we are not able to believe in this sincérité. And when we start to choose the most acceptable exit from the situation, we take exit through the door.

Alprazolam Buy Uk Yeah, we are lucky, if there is a person who reads between the lines. And finds excuses to our ridiculous actions. Maybe because this person was the same. And, when we’re once again, going to demonstrate our indifference and artificial emotions (which hide a great desire to be loved), that very person will catch us up and, probably, bring us around. But one day the attempt may be unsuccessful. One can just be tired. It is important to find the wisdom to stop, turn around and open your heart. After all, it is in the safe hands.

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