Go away and never come back. This desire haunted me since we met. And I left. For a million times. But every time something forced me to come back. Although the word “forced” not quite fit here. I was not forced. I did again and again of my own free will.

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Me, the one who believes there is nothing in life more important than to be free. I was granted complete freedom of action: something that I have always sought and wanted. But this time I wished to lock myself in this cage entitled “relationship” and “obligations” by my own. For the first time of my life. Haven’t I broken my own life credo about the concept of “freedom”? The thruth I have tried to persuade others believe to, has disappeared and vanished with the appearance of one single person in my life. Though, what freedom is? Before, I believed that freedom is just to be independent of any persons or circumstances. But all of us, in one way or another, are dependent. Perhaps, choosing your own type of “addiction” is the very freedom?

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